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Every drop counts. We treat wastewater efficiently and sustainably, using the most modern processes and technologies.

Today's understanding of energy efficiency demands municipalities to be permanently optimising their wastewater assets. The requirements for the quality of the treated wastewater are always increasing.
We build efficient and reliable systems for treating wastewater that are tailored to your specific requirements. We combine established processes with new processes and their associated  plant components into a high-performance, integrated system.
We ensure the smooth and perfect execution of your project, from detailed planning to the optimised successful operation of your overall system.
Our engineers and technicians are among the best-qualified in the industry. They have the knowledge and experience needed to implement both established and new innovative solutions.

Wastewater treatment plant Eisenhüttenstadt

Our expertise in wastewater treatment:

Mechanical Wastewater Treatment

  • Coarse and fine screening systems
  • Screenings compaction
  • Grit removal equipment, grit trap scraper, grit washer and graders
  • Primary clarifier equipment, primary clarifier scraper
  • Sedimentation tank equipment
  • Lamella clarifier
  • Filtration

Biological Wastewater Treatment

  • Aeration systems
  • SBR plants
  • MBR plants
  • Fixed bed biological reactors
  • Rotating disc contactors
  • Deammonification

Sludge Treatment

  • Sludge thickening
  • Sludge dewatering
  • Sludge drying
  • Sludge hydrolysis
  • Sludge digestion
  • Mineralisation system

Digester Gas Utilisation

  • Digester gas dehumidification and temperature control
  • Digester gas cleaning systems, in particular digester gas desulphurisation and siloxane removal systems
  • Gas tanks
  • Digester gas recovery through CHP or burner

Physical/Chemical Wastewater Treatment

  • Flocculation technology
  • Precipitation processes
  • Flotation processes

Dosing Systems

  • Systems for the controlled dosing of acids/alkalis, iron salt solutions, lignite coke, powdered activated carbon, external carbon source
  • Calcium hydroxide mixer and dosing systems

Exhaust Air Treatment

  • Acid and alkaline wash
  • Biofilter

... and much more

  • Pumping stations
  • Service water systems
  • Contaminant removal
  • . . .


Beringen Mersch WWTP - Construction phase 1

Upgrade to 70,000 PE

Scope of services

Modernisation of mechanical and electrical equipment (with automation) and extension of the sawage works to 70,000 PE

  • Planning
  • Procurement
  • Delivery and installation
  • Commissioning

Technical data

  • New capacity 70,000 PE

Scope of delivery

  • Inflow pump station
  • Screening plant with 1+1 filter stagee screening, each 600 l/s, washing press for screenings and counter pressure presses
  • Grit chamber and grit washing
  • 2 of 4 aeration lines
  • 2 of 3 secondary settling lines
  • Primary sludge pump station
  • Pre-thickener
  • Excess sludge pump station
  • Excess sludge thickening (belt thickener)
  • Thickened sludge pump station
  • Mixed sludge reception sump for digester feed
  • Mixed sludge pump station
  • Post-thickener
  • Digested sludge pump station
  • Rebuilding of polymer dosing station
  • Transformer, backup power, MV distribution, main LV distribution, subdivisions
  • Complete low voltage distribution station
  • Electrical control panels and automation


  • Plant rebuilding during operation
  • Dismantling and removal of old plant components
  • Temporary works and flow connections

SIDERO, Mersch, Luxembourg

February 2013

Contract value
Approx. EUR 9.5 million
CS 1: Approx. EUR 5.0 million