Reject water treatment

Anaerobic digestion and advanced digestion changes the nutrient balance of wastewater treatment plants, and in many cases, require liquor or reject water treatment. ELIQUO can implement solutions for reject water treatment with two leading technologies in the market: Pearl® and ANAMMOX®.


High phosphate recovery

Many wastewater treatment plants concentrate large quantities of nitrogen and phosphorus in their sludge dewatering streams. The dissolved nutrients promote the formation of obstructive struvite scale in piping, pumps and valves resulting in severe impacts to plant reliability, efficiency and operating and maintenance costs. Ostara’s Pearl® Process helps to resolve struvite issues and provides a comprehensive approach to nutrient management. In a municipal wastewater treatment plant, up to 90 per cent of the phosphorus and 40 per cent of the ammonia load is removed from sludge dewatering liquid using this process and the resulting product is marketed as a commercial fertilizer called Crystal Green®.

Cost-effective and sustainable nitrogen removal

The ANAMMOX® process is a very cost-effective and sustainable way of removing ammonium from effluents. Compared to conventional nitrification/denitrification savings on operational costs can reach up to 60%, while CO₂ emission is reduced.

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