Planning and development

Competence pays dividends

There is no substitute for experience.

The planning and implementation of municipal water and wastewater technology requires not only a high level of technical competence, but also a great deal of experience.
Whether you want to modernise a plant, save costs or to use a new technology: we can take care of all your needs, from concept and planning through to implementation. We have highly qualified staff in the field of mechanical engineering as well as in electrical and control systems technology. Our engineers and technicians are specialists in process engineering, heavy current and control technology, information technology, drive technology, environmental and mechanical engineering as well as supply and disposal technology.
The use of modern CAD systems like EPLAN / AutoCAD / HI-CAD and Inventor guarantee high standards when it comes to planning. We provide complete, detailed documentation.
We are happy to be involved as early as the project planning stage, at your invitation. This has its advantages, particularly when complex or new technology projects are to be implemented.