Working in partnership with the Schlüchttal-School in Grafenhausen

As part of our partnership with Schlüchttal-School in Grafenhausen, we introduced the fourth-grade students to the topics of water and wastewater.

On the first day, 7th November 2023, we presented our company ELIQUO STULZ, and organised two lessons. Questions such as "Where does our everyday wastewater go?", "How does a sewage treatment plant work?" and "Why is clean water important?" were discussed. To illustrate the process of water treatment, we carried out an experiment to purify water in the classroom. The pupils watched intently as the water was purified by the "mini sewage treatment plant".

Visit at the Schlüchttal-Schule
Setup of the mini treatment plant

On the second day, 8th November 2023, we accompanied the school class to the sewage treatment plant in Grafenhausen. There, sewage plant attendant Rainer Moser took us through the plant step by step. He explained the various purification stages of the sewage treatment plant in detail. As an exciting highlight, the children were able to observe the bacteria in the aeration tank under a microscope.

We would like to thank the Schlüchttal-Schule Grafenhausen and the municipality of Grafenhausen for their excellent cooperation!

Visit of the treatment plant of Grafenhausen
Drawing of a student



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