Sludge Degassing from ELIQUO: ELOVAC® Pilot Plant

ELOVAC® is a compact system for the degassing of liquids such as digested sludge. It significantly improves the ecological footprint of a treatment plant by avoiding uncontrolled methane emissions. In addition, it improves sludge dewatering and so reduces disposal costs.

The container-based pilot plant has been built to serve, principally, the European market but, such has been the success of the initial trials at laboratory scale, the pilot unit is now almost completely committed for the coming year so a second unit is in planning.

Initial laboratory scale tests take one or two days and are conducted at the customer’s site by our trained staff. The lab scale test will provide an initial business case and then can determine whether it is worth the customer considering scaling up to a pilot plant trial. We are taking bookings for lab scale tests right now.

The ELIQUO ELOVAC® pilot plant has been designed and built to provide a fully functional unit to pilot and demonstrate ELIQUO’s vacuum degassing technology. Self-contained in a 40’ container, the pilot unit comprise a complete plug-and-play plant capable of processing approximately 20 m3/hour of digested sludge which gives a realistic indication of what can be expected from a full-sized installation. The only connections to the container are: sludge in, sludge out, wash-down water and 11kW of power.

Application example:

Based on a sewage treatment plant of 200,000 P.E:

- 740kg of CO2 per day saved every day, equal to 3,500 car miles of CO2 emissions
- 25% reduction in the CO2 footprint of the whole sewage treatment plant
- Operation of the unit in its ELOVAC-P® configuration prevents the build-up of struvite in the works and adds value to the dewatered sludge cake
- The gas gathered by ELOVAC® gives an energy positive operation of the ELOVAC® unit

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water: First in the UK

Having thoroughly evaluated the technology, Dwr Cymru Welsh Water have decided to deploy an ELOVAC® pilot plant at their major sludge treatment centre at Five Fords near Wrexham. The pilot plant will be installed in the early part of 2021 and will be tested over a few weeks. The ELOVAC® technology is very simple to operate and the pilot plant will only need minimal input from ELIQUO HYDROK so that Dwr Cymru can become confident in operating the plant. At the end of the trial Dwr Cymru Welsh Water will have sufficient information with which to make their decision on adoption of the ELIQUO technology.

ELOVAC® technology aligns perfectly with the Water industry’s commitment to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2030 whilst making a significant saving in operation costs.

For further information or to discuss a UK trial, contact Neil Willoughby at: send email, +44 (0) 7387 080105



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