At the Linz-Unkel wastewater treatment plant the latest waste disposal technology comes into service

Sludge gas utilisation and phosphorus recycling: Whilst a future dream at many wastewater treatment plants, at the Link-Unkel plant it has become reality. Within just four years the Link-Unkel wastewater treatment plant has been extended to around 30,000 PE (population equivalent) using the latest in waste disposal technology. From September 2015, the first PYREG® plant in Germany treating sewage sludge with full phosphorus recycling has been handed over and is now in service.

The full facility, which sets new standards in environmental protection and resource conservation, consists of a two-stage compact digestion plant, the low-temperature ELODRY® belt dryer from ELIQUO STULZ and a PYREG® module for sewage sludge treatment and phosphorus recycling. This will allow around 4,300 tonnes of dewatered sewage sludge to be used to harvest energy and provide nutrient recycling.




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