Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Improve your ecological footprint

EloVac® is a compact system for the degassing of liquids such as digested sludge.

It significantly improves the ecological footprint of the treatment plant by avoiding uncontrolled methane emissions. In addition, it enhances sludge dewatering.

EloVac® degassing and EloPhos® crystallisation reactor

EloVac®-operating principle

  • The digested sludge is continuously provided to the degassing tank (2) via a control valve (1) or a pump.
  • In the degassing tank (2) vacuum is created by a vacuum pump (3). Pressure and filling level in the degassing tank are controlled to predefined values. Due to the vacuum, gas – present in dissolved form and as bubbles – is withdrawn from the digested sludge.
  • By a sludge pump (4) the degassed digested sludge is continuously discharged from the degassing tank to the downstream sludge treatment step.
  • The withdrawn gas is provided to a gas system and can be used as a source of energy (e.g. in CHPs). Hence, the operation of the EloVac® system is energy-positive.
Operating principle of the EloVac® process

In summary

  • Stand-alone system
  • Significant savings at low investment costs
  • Energy-positive operation
  • Reduction of CO2 footprint of the whole treatment plant


climate protection and reduced sludge disposal costs

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