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Reduce your disposal costs

Dry your sewage sludge safely, highly efficiently and economically

EloDry® is a low-temperature belt dryer of the latest generation, in particular for drying sewage sludge.

Due to the special design that is optimally adapted to the respective conditions, EloDry® drying systems provide reliable and highly energy-efficient, economical drying at low drying temperatures.

EloDry® Niedertemperatur-Bandtrockner

The EloDry® operation principle

  • The dewatered sludge is optimally supplied to the EloDry® low-temperature belt dryer according to demand.
  • In the EloDry® belt dryer (1) the granular sludge is distributed evenly onto the dryer`s upper belt (3a) by a distribution screw (2). The upper belt moves the sludge forward from the head of the dryer to the dryer end, where it is thrown onto the lower belt (3b). From the lower belt, the sludge is returned to the discharge screw conveyor (4) and discharged via the rotary valve (5).
  • The drying of the sludge is performed using hot air, which is supplied by a circulating-air fan (6) and heated to the desired temperature by a heat exchanger (7). The fresh air supplied to the dryer is pre-heated by means of heat recovery (8) from the exhaust air and then added to the circulation flow.
  • Dry material measurement allows for automatic adjustment of the drying process to changing DM contents in the sludge supply and ensures a very uniform drying result.
  • The dryer in operation is permanently kept in vacuum to prevent fugitive emissions. The exhaust air is fed into the exhaust air treatment.
Operating principle of the EloDry® low-temperature belt dryer

In summary

  • Robust construction, completely in stainless steel
  • Modular, standardised plant construction
  • High degree of operational safety due to low dust formation, active and passive safety devices as well as an ex-zone-free design
  • Economical and energetically highly efficient drying at low drying temperatures
  • Low odour emissions due to operation of the dryer in low negative pressure. The cleaning of the off-gases is individually adapted to the sludge quality.
  • Fully automated operation with permanent self-monitoring of the desired degree of drying at the outlet of the dryer
  • Low operating costs, in particular low energy costs due to high heat recovery
  • Easy operation and maintenance


Reliable, high-efficient and economic drying of sewage sludge

product expert

Felix Wigand
Tel.: +49 751 359785-12