Drinking and service water

Providing for any requirements. We equip plants so that they produce drinking and service water in a demand-driven manner and process thermal and geothermal water efficiently.

The requirements for the quality of drinking water in Germany are among the highest standards in the world. The common technologies such as iron removal, manganese removal and de-acidification are part of our core business. In addition, we use the most modern methods, such as the removal of fine particles by ultrafiltration, the removal of salts by reverse osmosis or the stripping out of gases with fine bubble aeration.
Which technology is the right one for water purification and treatment depends on many aspects. We make our choices carefully, based on the results of the raw water analysis, the needs of the client and the legal requirements.
One thing common in all our solutions: minimum capital and operating costs, maximum reliability, high technical standards and the consistent quality of the clean water – regardless of fluctuations in the raw water.
Along with systems for drinking and service water production from ground and surface water, the ELIQUO STULZ range includes plants for the production of recreational water and for the treatment of thermal and geothermal water as well as water storage and distribution systems.

Ultrafiltration plant in the waterworks of the municipality Schönwald

Our expertise in drinking and service water treatment and production

Filtration/membrane processes

  • Biological/chemical iron removal
  • Biological/chemical manganese removal
  • Flocculation filtration
  • Sand filtration
  • Mixed-bed filtration
  • Micro-, nano-, ultrafiltration
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Membrane separation technology for nitrate/sulphate removal
  • Membrane separation technology for softening and desalination
  • Membrane technology for turbidity removal


  • Granular activated carbon adsorption
  • Powdered activated carbon storage
  • Granular alumina adsorption
  • Iron hydroxide adsorption (heavy metal reduction)


  • Decarbonisation
  • Heavy metal removal
  • Precipitation of suspended materials
  • Lamella plate clarifier

pH value regulation

  • Chemical de-acidification
  • Physical de-acidification


  • Oxygen / air / ozone / carbon dioxide (pressure systems, aerators, flat-base ventilators)


  • Methane / carbon dioxide / hydrogen sulphide


  • Chlorine / chlorine dioxide / UV / oxygen / hydrogen peroxide / potassium permanganate

... and much more

  • Construction of elevated tanks
  • Construction of pumping stations
  • Construction of pressure boosting systems
  • Construction of energy recovery systems


Rheinau Waterworks

Refurbishment of rapid decarbonisation plant

Scope of services

Mechanical and electrical equipment for decarbonisation plant

  • Design/engineering
  • Delivery and installation
  • Commissioning

Technical data

  • Drinking water supply of approximately 60% of the city of Mannheim
  • Rheinau Waterworks 85,000 m³/d
  • Softening of already treated groundwater (iron & manganese removal) in the decarbonisation system, softening of 19° to 26° dH to 8° dH

Process steps

  • Rapid decarbonisation with sodium hydroxide
  • pH stabilisation through addition of CO2

Scope of delivery

  • Renovation of 3 rapid decarbonisation reactors, rapid decarbonisation by adding 22.5% sodium hydroxide solution, performance of the decarbonisation system 900 m³/h
  • 3 pumps each 300 m³/h single or parallel operation

MVV Energie AG

June 2010

Contract value
approx. EUR 1.0 million