Digester gas

Make the most of energy. We process digester gas carefully to ensure the optimal use of energy.

Municipal wastewater treatment plants typically consume significant amounts of energy. To reduce this cost, it helps to save electrical energy in the right places. Sludge digestion and associated biogas recovery also play a crucial role in lowering the cost of electricity.
Sewage sludge is the only available on-site energy source in a sewage treatment plant. How efficient this can be used depends on the quality of the combined heat and power plants. Combined heat and power plants utilise the digester gas formed in the sludge digestion and convert it to electricity and heat.
We have planned, installed and commissioned numerous CHP plants from approximately 50 kWel to about 4 MWel/unit, with gas processing. We are very familiar with the optimised use of accumulated heat with different temperature levels.

CHP of the central treatment plant Mainz

Our expertise in digester gas treatment

Digester gas treatment

  • Gas drying and temperature control
  • Gas desulphurisation
  • Gas siloxane removal

Digester gas storage

  • Digester gas storage, unpressurised
  • Digester gas storage, low pressure

Energetic gas utilisation

  • CHP plants
  • Boiler equipment

Measurement and safety technology

  • Analysis equipment
  • Gas flow measurement
  • Gas detectors
  • Gas flares