About us

Because water is important.

The environment in view

Water is the future.

Water is precious and vital. The interdependency between water and the environment is immense – and will become even more important in the future.
At the same time, water is closely associated with a high degree of technical knowledge. The new processes go far beyond the mere task of water treatment and purification. People are becoming increasingly aware of environmental standards and energy efficiency. Municipalities have to deal with water as a commodity.
Our systems help achieve this. With the long-standing and extensive experience of our engineers, we are constantly working on new solutions. Our experts have been building systems of water and wastewater technology in the municipal sector for many years. We find the precise, environmentally and economically optimal solution for every challenge.

A powerful combination.

Our company is a member of the ELIQUO WATER GROUP and one of the largest German equipment manufacturers in the sector. We are able to offer the latest technologies in municipal water and wastewater engineering. We have excellent staff, a high level of environmental awareness and the courage to innovate.